The Keeper Arts is constantly working on improving the service and product range.

However, the Keeper Arts is not undertaking any liability whatsoever for any situations that occur:

- if any failure of the Keeper Arts is attributable to force majeur;

- if you place an order in violation of applicable Terms;

- if you provide incorrect information;

- if the situation results from intentional and/or unlawful actions of any third party.


Due to technical reasons the photos of the products provided available at the Keeper Arts shop may slightly differ from the actual appearance of the products. Please, read the product description before ordering.


The Keeper Arts shall exercise due care and diligence to ensure all products are of best quality.

Products in the Keeper Arts shop are made to be used by the reasonable adults in the field of floristics, hobby or DIY. Please, don't allow the use by children without adult supervision. Do not allow direct access by animals. Some products may be chemically processed and therefore pose certain danger to children or animals in case touched, inhaled or swallowed.


Some products, when exposed to direct sunlight, air or water may to certain extent lose their physical and chemical attributes (e.g. colour, shape, substance). The Keeper Arts shall not be kept liable for any misuse, inappropriate stoage and/or natural tear&wear of the products as might be applicable on case-to-case basis.

Should you have any doubts about use and/or storage of certain products, please, do not hesitate to contact the Keeper Arts for additional consultation!


Orders are dispatched from the Republic of Latvia (EU). Payment of any possible customs and/or other duties, taxes and/or fees related to the delivery and/or products (where applicable) are your sole responsibility. The Keeper Arts takes no responsibility for any possible results of failure to pay such duties, taxes and/or fees.


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